LED table lamp

The LED table lamp is made out of a walnut board that originates from a 50+ years old walnut tree that grew in my backyard. The footer is made out of oak tree.
I tried to preserve the natural shape of the wood as much as possible so that only the front and back were polished and the cracks were filled. I left the sides almost completely unprocessed and in their natural form. The wooden elements are interconnected by brass tubes.

Light source is low power consumption LED strip with 50,000+ hours long life span. Spaced elements, obtained by cross-cutting are carriers of LED strips which are hidden on the bottom of the individual elements, giving a finely diffused light, and great ambiental feel. The LED table lamp working mode, color and light intensity, light effects, etc. is adjusted using the remote control. The color of the light can be white, or in some shade from the RGB (Red Green Blue) palette.

Board final treatment is done using tung oil and wax. The LED table lamp doesn’t require any special treatment and can be used as a decorative source of ambiental lighting which is sure to embellish your apartment, especially if the apartment is furnished with modern furniture, which stay great with this lamp.

Width: 38 cm (14.96”)
Height: 43 cm (16.93”)
Board thickness: 4 cm (1.57”)
Wooden footer dimensions: 38cm x 8.7cm x 3.5cm (14.96″ x 3.43″ x 1.38″)
LED strip power: about 12w

Wooden Wine Desk with Glass Holder

If you realize this project, you’ll get a Wine desk dedicated to keeping and tasting wine. So, real wine lovers no longer have to get up for choosing a new wine bottle or finding a wine glass. The choice is at hand, visible thanks to a glass tabletop. Bottles are in desirable lying down position and they do not bother, because they are covered by the top plate of the table.

The capacity of the wooden wine desk is 14 wine bottles with a diameter less than 90 mm (3,54“). In the drawer which is located below the tabletop, it can be placed 5 wine glasses. Wine glasses are hanging down, closed in the drawer, and thanks to that, at all times remain clean and free of dust.

Wine desk dimensions (Length x Width x Height) are:
101 cm x 59 cm x 44 cm (39,77“ x 23,23“ x 17,32“)

Oscillating Edge / Spindle Sander

Oscillating edge / spindle sander is a DIY project that allows you to easily create a very usable machine, which thanks to the applied concept of two machines in one, in addition to saving money, brings space saving in your workshop, as well as the immeasurable satisfaction of using a machine that you have created yourself.
Basic features of Oscillating edge / spindle sander:
Sanding work surface 800mmx150mm (31 1/2˝ X 5 29/32˝)
Sanding belt length 2090 mm (82 9/32˝)
Outer dimensions:
length: 1110 mm (43.7˝)
width: 560 mm (22˝)
height: 570 mm(22.4˝)

Here you can watch a production video.

Motorized Premium Homemade Router Table

Some of the top characteristics of Premium Homemade Router Table are:

  • Innovative Double Router Table Fence which aside from the classic way of operating, also offers fixation of the fence in elected reference position and then precise forward and backward movement of the movable part relative to the reference position elected with the precision of one-hundredth part of a millimeter.
  • Thanks to the built-in electric motor and transmission mechanism, the router moves up and down by simply pressing the button on the control box. Built-in micro switches define the upper and lower “dead spots” in which the router stops, even though the router lift / lower key is pressed. When fine bit height adjustment is required, an external wheel is available, with whose manual rotation, router, and bit are brought to the desired position in relation to the work surface.
  • The built-in digital meter allows the arbitrary positioning of the zero position – the reference point in relation to which the height of the router is measured with an accuracy of one-hundredth of a millimeter.
  • Premium Homemade Router Table has the ability to set the most important operating parameters:

Verticality of the bit – Adjusted on two axes (left-right and forwards-backward)
o The zero position of the fence in relation to which the movement of the fence is
measured in the forward and backward direction
o The bit zero position in relation to which the movement of the bit is measured
by height (up and down)
o The position and inclination of the control box which controls all the functions
for managing the operation of the router

  • Thanks to a unique suspension solution and built-in wheels, my Premium Homemade Router Table is a completely mobile machine that can easily be moved inside the workshop. At the same time, when operating, the Router Table is stabilized using a folding metal base, which can easily be activated or deactivated without the help of tools, giving maximum stability and safety when used.
  • “Upper dust”, formed above the work surface, runs through the orifice at the edge of the router table fence, and “Lower dust” underneath the work surface runs through a hidden channel installed in the very work surface of the Router Table.
  • Metal construction of the Router Table base together with MDF sides ensures exceptional overall stability and gives a sense of security while operating. Two drawers beneath the router have a capacity of storing a considerable amount of equipment and assistance tools. Front door bit carriers allow for organized storage of bits available, and the space beneath the router carrier for vertical movement can serve as a repository for the keys used to replace bits and other equipment.

Here you can watch a production video.

homemade router table
motorized router table

Wine shelf 10 bottles

The wine shelf “10 bottles” is made in a combination of walnut board and brass.
The combination of wood and metal is challenging for me, but I rarely dared to use it.
In order for this combination to be stable in the visual sense, wood and metal must be “found” somewhere, which I hope happened in the case of this shelf.

Here you can watch a wine shelf production video.