The LED table lamp is made out of a walnut board that originates from a 50+ years old walnut tree that grew in my backyard. The footer is made out of oak tree.
I tried to preserve the natural shape of the wood as much as possible so that only the front and back were polished and the cracks were filled. I left the sides almost completely unprocessed and in their natural form. The wooden elements are interconnected by brass tubes.

Light source is low power consumption LED strip with 50,000+ hours long life span. Spaced elements, obtained by cross-cutting are carriers of LED strips which are hidden on the bottom of the individual elements, giving a finely diffused light, and great ambiental feel. The LED table lamp working mode, color and light intensity, light effects, etc. is adjusted using the remote control. The color of the light can be white, or in some shade from the RGB (Red Green Blue) palette.

Board final treatment is done using tung oil and wax. The LED table lamp doesn’t require any special treatment and can be used as a decorative source of ambiental lighting which is sure to embellish your apartment, especially if the apartment is furnished with modern furniture, which stay great with this lamp.

Width: 38 cm (14.96”)
Height: 43 cm (16.93”)
Board thickness: 4 cm (1.57”)
Wooden footer dimensions: 38cm x 8.7cm x 3.5cm (14.96″ x 3.43″ x 1.38″)
LED strip power: about 12w

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