If you realize this project, you’ll get a Wine desk dedicated to keeping and tasting wine. So, real wine lovers no longer have to get up for choosing a new wine bottle or finding a wine glass. The choice is at hand, visible thanks to a glass tabletop. Bottles are in desirable lying down position and they do not bother, because they are covered by the top plate of the table.

The capacity of the wooden wine desk is 14 wine bottles with a diameter less than 90 mm (3,54“). In the drawer which is located below the tabletop, it can be placed 5 wine glasses. Wine glasses are hanging down, closed in the drawer, and thanks to that, at all times remain clean and free of dust.

Wine desk dimensions (Length x Width x Height) are:
101 cm x 59 cm x 44 cm (39,77“ x 23,23“ x 17,32“)

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